Taylor & Michael Sloane

January 14, 2018

The Venue

Ceremony: Phoenix Room

Cocktail Hour and Reception: Lexington/Kentucky Room

The Vision

Nashville natives Taylor & Michael have many special memories over the years at Keeneland, making it the perfect choice for their romantic, winter wedding.

"It's fun to have a wedding venue where you can go back time and time again and keep creating memories. We do not miss a race meet."

- Taylor, Bride



The Menu

No detail was overlooked as each item on the couple's menu was carefully chosen to display all that Kentucky has to offer to their out-of-town visitors. The Arugula Shooters, Beef Satay, Grilled Endive, and Seared Crab Cake welcomed guests to the cocktail hour, and a Bourbon Tasting including Blanton’s, EH Taylor, and Willet Bourbon followed. Following the cocktail hour, the buffet dinner consisted of classic Kentucky favorites including Keeneland Burgoo, Kale Salad, Beef Tenderloin, Pan Roasted Sea Bass, and White Corn Grits. 

“We wanted to introduce our friends and family to as much Kentucky as possible. We had guests traveling from all over and some who had never been to a horse track. We made sure to have burgoo, and we hosted a bourbon tasting during the cocktail hour. Everything was delicious, and if you’re going to have a Kentucky wedding, you have to include those items.”


The Bride's Comments


How did you all meet? Tell us your love story.


"We work in the same industry in Nashville so we were acquaintances and then friends first. I didn’t even remember Michael from the very first meeting we were in together. He still gives me a hard time about that. After years of knowing each other, being friends, and life events, we began dating. Sullivan, my now step-son also played a part in the love story. Two Sloane men were after my heart and I was done for after that.”


What feeling or style were you trying to channel with your décor and color palette?


"A classic winter wedding! I wanted it to feel soft and romantic."


What led you to choose Keeneland?


"We love Keeneland! Michael has memories of Keeneland from growing up in Kentucky and Keeneland was where we had our very first kiss. When we started thinking about venues and researching, we were looking at places that would feel like Kentucky. We visited Keeneland, it was an easy decision that it was the perfect spot. We also think it is fun to have a wedding venue where we can go back time and time again and keep creating memories. We do not miss a race meet! "


Did you decide to do a first look or wait to see each other down the aisle?


"We decided to wait and have our first look as I walked down the aisle. We wanted the element of surprise and excitement of seeing each other for the first time in that moment. I did do a first look with my Dad before the ceremony – that was a very special time. I gave him a tie that read “I loved you first” and a frame that had a picture of when I was born on one side and an empty space on the other for a wedding photo. It was cold but those few minutes were really sweet."



What advice do you have for those newly engaged who are currently planning a wedding?


"You will get it all done! Try to enjoy the engagement and know that it is all worth it! Seeing everything come together and looking around at your friends and family who are there to celebrate and support the two of you as a couple will make you smile from ear to ear."