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BETology for Your Budget & Personality

October 2, 2019

Are you adventurous or do you like to play it safe? Here are the best bets to try for your budget and personality.

Small Budget – Less Than $5

Playing it Safe. Keep things simple with a Win bet. Pick your favorite horse, and bet $5 to Win. If your horse comes in first, you win.

Take a Risk. Willing to try anything once? Check out the 10-Cent Superfecta Box. Pick four horses, and this bet will cost you a total of $2.40. If your horses finish first through fourth, in any order, you’re most likely a serious winner.

Make it a Group Affair. The Show Parlay is simple. Your horse just needs to finish in the top three. Have each of your friends chip $5 into a pot. Bet that total amount on a horse to show. If your show bet hits, take your winnings and bet again on the next race to show (also known as “parlay”). Keep rolling your winnings to each race and see how big the pot can grow!

Medium Budget – $5 to $10

I’ve Locked in 1 Horse. Bet $2 Across the Board (Win, Place, Show) for a cost of $6. If your horse finishes in the top three, you’re a winner.

There are a Few Horses I Like. Bet a $5 Exacta Box with two of your picks. You’ve spent $10, and if your horses finish first and second, you’re in business.

Higher Budget – $10 and Up

Sticking to 1 Race. With a $2 Trifecta Box, pick three horses to finish first through third, and you’ll spend $12 total on your bet. Taking a stab at a $2 Superfecta Box for $24 total? Pick four horses to finish first through fourth and you could be a big time winner. 

Feeling Adventurous. Go for a Pick 3 because multi-race wagers are where the big payouts occur. The premise is simple: Pick the winner of three races in a row. Give yourself some options and select several horses in each race. Your cost will just depend on the number of combinations. For example, two horses in the first race, times three horses in the second race, times two horses in the third, multiplied by a $1 bet will cost you $12 at the window.