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Maker's Mark Participates in Lee Initiative Restaurant Reboot Relief Program

July 10, 2020

Sponsor of today’s $300,000 Maker’s Mark Mile (G1), Maker’s Mark has announced it will commit $10,000 to the LEE Initiative Reboot Relief Program.

As restaurants around the country look toward reopening, The LEE Initiative is committed to helping reset the supply chains for farmers and restaurant operators who are committed to sustainable food. The LEE Initiative’s Restaurant Reboot Relief Program is committing at least
$1 million to purchasing food from sustainable farmers in 16 regions, including Central Kentucky, and giving that food directly to restaurants in those areas. The restaurants that have hosted relief centers in those areas will be receiving the food and helping to select which other restaurants will be receiving the food as well. 

Maker’s Mark is a proud partner of this program. For more information or to support this effort, please visit leeinitiative.org.